Urban Air Gives Exonerated Man Free Memberships for Family 2

Tulsa, OK – Urban Air Adventure Park in Tulsa, OK thanks Corey Atchison and family for allowing us to be part of their lives. After we heard his story, one of resilience and hope, we reached out to help make up for lost time.

Corey was exonerated by a Judge after spending 28 years behind bars for a crime he did not commit. The day he was freed, Corey spent his first day at home with his 10-year-old grandson who asked his granddad to take him to Urban Air Adventure Park.

Urban Air was honored to gift the entire Atchison family with Endless Play Memberships for a year that is valued at over $2,000. This way Corey and his family can play and celebrate all year long.

At Urban Air we believe people come to our parks for two core reasons.  To celebrate or to escape.  This is absolutely a reason to celebrate.  And a small thing we can do to help Corey and his family make up for lost time,” said Urban Air Tulsa franchisee Cody Herndon. “What I hope people take away from this when they see it is, that we should be kind and love our neighbor.  We’d be a more loving society if we found ways to add value to one another each day.”

To find out more about Corey’s story, please click the images below to see some of the media coverage.


Urban Air Gives Exonerated Man Free Memberships for Family