MUFC Names Urban Air one of the Most Lender Friendly Franchises

DALLAS, TX – March 26, 2019 – Urban Air Adventure Park, the world’s leader in active indoor family entertainment, proudly accepts the 2019 FUND award presented to the brand with the highest fund score that also demonstrates a commitment to simplifying the financing process for lenders. A brand’s score represents not only the performance strength of the franchise but also a commitment to supporting the franchisees’ access to capital.

This achievement is based on unit economics, great franchisee/franchisor relationships, and supporting franchisees to perform their best. The scoring system used to gauge that in franchising (for lenders) is the FUND score.  What separates the winners from the rest is their commitment to looking for the win/win with franchisees and lenders. This award was created to highlight those brands who have risen above their peers by simplifying the financing process, and have proven to translate to a lower cost of capital and better financing terms for franchisees.

“Urban Air Adventure Park has been growing their top line and bottom line. Their FUND score is stellar and is also in the lowest credit risk tier in franchising,” says Edith Wiseman, President of FRANdata. “This non-food award is an outcome of hard work and consistently great performance that translates into a lower cost of capital and better financing terms for Urban Air franchisees.”

The FUND score is a franchise credit risk score which rates 12 credit risk categories such as franchise business success rates, franchise unit profitability, and franchisee support.  These franchised brands excel in each of these metrics making it easy for lenders to do business with them.  The FUND scoring system is embraced by banks of all sizes that collectively represent over a trillion dollars in assets.  Even regulators have acknowledged the importance of FUND scores as a credit risk monitoring tool for banks.  To learn more:




About Urban Air: Urban Air is the premier destination for family fun, featuring a variety of attractions for all ages. The Dallas-based entertainment company pioneered the Adventure Park concept and is the largest Adventure Park Operator in the world, with 300 locations scheduled to be open by 2020. Urban Air’s mission is to provide healthy, active entertainment for both children and adults. For more information on the company and franchising opportunities, please visit

About FranData: FRANdata is a leading franchise-focused research and advisory company. By leveraging the largest database of franchise information to date and with over 30 years’ experience analyzing the franchise market, FRANdata creates targeted business development strategies and actionable solutions that provides their clients with the information they need to understand risk, measure opportunities and improve performance.  FRANdata is the creator of the FUND (Franchise Credit Scoring) report which is relied upon by lenders with over a trillion dollars in assets to assess their franchise credit risks. For more information go to