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7 year old’s birthday party ideas

How to Host the Best 7-Year-Old Birthday Party

A seven-year-old’s birthday party is one that you’ll want your child – and yourself – to remember for years to come. Whether it’s hanging out with your best friends, playing party games, enjoying food and drinks, or just being together to celebrate, a birthday party can truly be a memorable experience for everyone involved.

But what is the best party to have for a seven-year-old? What should you include? From birthday party games to a party theme to keep all the kids entertained, there’s a wide range of elements that can come together to help you create the best kids’ party of all time.

Below, we’ve outlined some of our indoor adventure park games and ideas that will have kids entertained for the duration of your party. And the icing on the cake? This will be the party they’ll be sure to remember for years to come!

4 Top Indoor Adventure Park Games for 7-year-olds birthday party

  1. The DropZone

The DropZone attraction brings the fun with its inflatable airbag landing. Do a flip, try a new 360 turn, or do a cool jump and land in the center of the airbag. Everyone will remember this epic event, especially when they’re competing to see who can land the coolest trick!

Young boys play dodgeball on the trampolines at Urban Air.

  1. Dodgeball

The classic game of Dodgeball simply never gets old, and that’s why it’s on our list as one of the top birthday party activities for a 7-year-old child’s birthday party. This game is especially fun to play at a birthday party because it requires two teams with multiple players on each team. Plus, it’s best if both teams have the same number of players.

In trampoline dodgeball, kids will try to get players on the other team out by hitting them with the ball, all while dipping, dodging, and diving away from incoming throws from the other children!

A 7-year-old girl enjoys the Sky Rider Indoor Zipline attraction at Urban Air

  1. Sky Rider Indoor Zipline

Every 7-year-old will want to have a party when they see our Sky Rider – the Ultimate Indoor Zipline! The Sky Rider indoor zipline offers safety, fun, and an overhead look at the indoor adventure park below. Strap in, hold onto the ropes, and the Sky Rider indoor zipline will take all the kids at the birthday party for a sky-high adventure that will be sure to delight!

  1. Lazer Fury

Lazer Fury may sound intense… and that’s because it is! Combining everything there is to love about bumper cars and laser shows, the Lazer Fury attraction allows you to ram others, get bumped from behind, hit the gas, steer the car, and more, all with a super-fun custom light show.

Kids at any seven-year-old birthday party will love the competitive nature that Lazer Fury brings to the group. Plus, in this game for kids, everyone wins!

A girl jumps and laughs at Urban Air. All games are more fun when you're jumping on a trampoline.

7-Year-Olds Always Have Fun at Urban Air

No matter what attractions you choose to enjoy during your 7-year-old’s birthday party, we are sure that all your party guests will enjoy the fun and games at Urban Air.

Plus, with the ability to create your own party based on your specific needs, there are tons of ways to ensure that your child gets exactly what they want. For example, you can customize the games they play by being prepared to play music or getting involved, especially if there are younger kids who may need more supervision.

You could also customize the kid’s party by introducing a theme. Think of a princess party, dragon party, or sports-themed birthday party. There are tons of themes you can do based on what your child’s interests are and what they like to do for fun. You can also customize the party based on the age range of your child and those who are attending the party to make it fun for all those involved.

No matter what you decide to do, we have great party games for all the children that will guarantee one of the best seven-year-old birthday parties around. When you choose us, we can bet that your next planned party will be one to remember!

Trampoline Birthday Games for 7-Year-Olds

For larger parties or parties that make the birthday child feel super-special, we also offer private park rentals. That means you’ll get the whole park to yourself for your party. One of the biggest advantages of having a private party at Urban Air is that you don’t have to share the attractions with anyone outside of your party. This opens up new opportunities for additional fun and games you can play in the park.

Please remember that these games are not appropriate when other families are enjoying the park. Please be sure to review all the park’s safety rules with your party guests to ensure a fun and safe party for everyone.

  1. Horse

Horse is one trampoline game you won’t want to miss. This fun game is awesome for party guests and party hosters alike, where everyone will enjoy playing along. It all starts with the first child who starts. This person will do a trick on the trampoline, and the others who are playing the game must also do the trick. If one child does not succeed at copying the trick, then they get an “H.”

You continue going around the circle until you’ve completed everyone’s turn. Then, the next child gets a chance to do their own trick. The same rules and gameplay apply. If on the second round one person is not able to complete the trick, they get an “O.”

This continues around in a circle. If someone spells out the word H-O-R-S-E, then they are out of the game. The last person standing that has not completed the word H-O-R-S-E wins the game!

  1. Monkey in the Middle

Monkey in the Middle is another classic, fun birthday party game that the birthday child is sure to enjoy on a trampoline. It’s easy to play, and all you need is a ball and a group of kids. You can have as little as 3 children to play this simple party game.

The goal of the game is simple, keep the ball away from the person in the middle. You start by choosing someone to play the “monkey” who will be the one trying to get the ball, while all the other kids form a circle. The ball must be thrown through the center of the circle to another person in the circle. Remember, the goal is to keep the ball away from the person in the center, so it’s important to aim high or low to ensure your best shot!

The game is over when the child in the middle gets the ball away from someone, and the person who threw it has to be the next “monkey” in the middle. This great game will keep kids entertained while jumping on trampolines makes it a bit more difficult and strategic, but also allows kids to have fun and keep it simple!

  1. Keep the Ball Up

Keep the Ball Up on a trampoline is one of our favorite kid’s birthday party ideas. It all starts with a ball, a group of people, and each person within a dedicated area. The idea of this party game is simple, keep the ball up and don’t let it touch the floor. The first person will pass it to another, and the next person to another, and so on and so forth. The person who sent a pass that was out of the box that allows the ball to touch the ground will be eliminated until the last person is left standing. This is one of the best party games because it is great for younger children and older children alike.

  1. Follow the Leader

Older kids and other kids of all ages can play Follow the Leader on a trampoline, which will be sure to be hit! Follow the Leader is an easy game to learn and play, and starts with one person who will act as the leader. The rest of the kids then line up behind the leader. The leader then does a movement that the rest of the kids have to follow. The game continues until someone is not able to copy a movement that the leader has performed.

  1. Trampoline Hot Potato

Of all the party games for kids, trampoline hot potato might be one of the most fun birthday party games. Hot potato is a classic party game, but it’s made even more fun when there’s a trampoline involved.

Here’s how to play: children start by sitting in a circle on the trampoline. Then, using a ball or similar object, each child will pass the ball around while music plays. If someone drops the ball, then they are out of the game. When the music stops, the person who is holding the “potato,” or the ball is out. The last person left who has not gone out is the winner of the game. To make this even more fun and more difficult on a trampoline, the kids can be standing or jumping during gameplay.

  1. Freeze Dance

Freeze dance is perfect for a kid’s party and fits almost any age group! For this game, all you’ll need is some fun music and yourselves. Someone will play the music, and everyone can start dancing and jumping. When the music stops, kids should freeze exactly where they are until the music starts playing again. If anyone stumbles, they are out of the game. Keep playing music until there is only one child left standing.

A 7-year-old blows out the candles at an awsome Urban Air birthday party.

Every 7-Year-Old Party is a Fun Party at Urban Air

No matter what type of party you choose – one of our epic birthday party packages or a private park rental, the fun party games are ready for you and your birthday child to enjoy. Learn more about booking a birthday party or call the Birthday Hotline at 800-960-4778.

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