School Field Trips

Partner with Urban Air to plan your favorite field trip of the year!

Our goal is to provide physical, social, and mental challenges that tie in STEAM curriculum (from NGSS and CC) to show how different disciplines are used in the “real” world. All adventures also count towards physical education minutes required by your district.

During an Urban Air Field Trip, students will visit up to five stations, each focusing on a unique aspect of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.

Each school will be provided a PDF Pre-Field Trip Lesson and Activity to help prepare students and teachers for the academic content discussed at each station. This learning experience is guided by a trained Urban Air Employee and includes a Learning Passport for students to complete during the field trip. After a field trip is complete, schools will receive a Follow Up Lesson And Activity, so that the learning can continue even after the trip is done.


• Beginner (K-2nd Grade)

• Intermediate (3-5th Grade)

• Middle (6-8th Grade)

• High (9-12th Grade)


• Pre-field Trip Lesson

• Urban Air Field Trip Guide

• Learning Passport

• Follow Up Lesson

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