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Franchisors angle for investments at Finance & Growth Conference

Urban Air Adventure Park

As he highlighted the attractions inside an Urban Air Adventure Park, from the indoor skydiving tunnel, go-kart tracks, obstacle course and Spin Zone bumper cars, CFO Scott Perry concluded that ultimately it’s the business results that matter—and Urban Air produces those results.

The Bedford, Texas-based franchise has more than doubled systemwide sales in each of the last two years, said Perry, with average sales of $2.9 million for its version 2.0 parks open more than a year and featuring the latest attractions. The brand’s EBITDA percentage sits at 29 percent, contrasted with a total development cost of about $2.5 million per park.

“We innovate, we create attractions that don’t exist, we patent attractions so other people can’t copy them,” said Perry. That innovation is what brings back Urban Air’s core customer base of kids under 14 and their parents. “And that demographic renews every year.”

A recently launched monthly membership program is another revenue stream for franchisees. “It will put people in parks,” said Perry, and those parks also feature cafes, some serving beer and wine and selling branded merchandise.

“It’s not just people paying you money when they walk in the front door,” he noted.

Urban Air has 85 locations and is opening about five parks each month, mainly through its network of existing franchisees who start with one unit. The brand heavily invested in its support team early on, said Perry, “with great returns on the back end.” —LM

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