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Enjoy some friendly competition or try to beat your personal best on your favorite games.

Need a break from jumping, running, and soaring? Rest up and keep the excitement going in our Arcade. Our wide selection of arcade games offers fun for puzzle solvers, racers, defenders and fantasy lovers. Fend off aliens, race to victory, capture an enemy or set an all-time personal record on your favorite arcade game.

The Arcade is a fun place for kids of all ages with a wide selection of games and challenges for all levels of play. Adults love the Arcade too. With classic games, you can enjoy a blast from the past while new games challenge your video game skills.

Whether you’re looking for action, adventure, racing or sports, our Arcade keeps the entire family busy with hours of fun games to explore. Visit your local Urban Air to see all the new games and try them all. You may even beat Urbie’s score.

Ready to fly?

This attraction is fun for all ages.