Practice your flips, spins or other amazing acrobatics, and land on a giant, inflatable airbag.

Looking to jump, practice some epic flips or pull off a 360? It’s always great to practice when you have a giant, inflatable airbag to land on. Our Drop Zone gives you the extra confidence you need to go for that big trick.

To make the most out of the Drop Zone, aim your landing towards the center of the airbag. When you hit the airbag, let it absorb the impact from your jump and then make your way to the side of the airbag to get off. And always be sure your Drop Zone is clear of other Urban Air guests. Airbags are soft places to land. People are not.

Give this fun jumping attraction a try and see if you can come up with new tricks to share with all your Urban Air friends. Once you’ve perfected that cool trick, try it out on one of our other trampolines or challenge yourself to try something new.

Have some fun, jump and drop in the Drop Zone. Book your tickets online and start dreaming up the amazing tricks you’ll try on your next visit to Urban Air.

Ready to fly?

Look before you drop to make sure the DropZone is clear.