Flip Zone Bumper Cars

When bumper cars spin and flip you’re in for maximum thrills.

You’ve cruised in Normal Bumper Cars, gotten a little dizzy in our Spin Zone Bumper Cars, but are you ready for the ultimate bumper car experience? These cars move around our arena, spin and flip. You’ll have so much fun turning, twirling and whirling, you just might forget which way is up.

This attraction may sound a bit crazy, and we would agree – Crazy Fun! While you’re busy spinning in and flipping, don’t forget you can also get bumped so be on the lookout and dodge the other cars if you don’t want to get hit.

Bumper cars are great for groups, but you can also join in with other Urban Air guests for a fun time. And even parents can be enticed to try this crazy fun attraction. An important tip from Urbie – you might want to consider visiting the café AFTER this attraction.

Ready to fly?

Riders must be at least 36" tall to experience the Flip Zone.