Foam Pit

Calling all acrobats, cheerleaders, and parkour athletes: this is the perfect place to practice that special move you haven’t totally mastered yet.

Give it your best shot and land on something softer than a springy trampoline.

Before you take your brand new, totally radical jump, kick, and flip ideas to the trampolines, try it out here. Take a leap from one of our platforms, try a flip, and land in a pit of foam blocks. Test out all your wildest tricks and let your body learn the motions of the move with the comfort and safety of foam blocks to cushion any crash landings. The perfect place for high-impact training because everyone falls at some point.

Adventurers of all ages can have fun jumping and cannonballing into the foam with their friends. This is a great starting place for young adventures to build up their confidence with a soft place to land.

Ready to fly?