Put your driving skills to the test and race to the finish with our indoor Go-Karts.

Do you dream of racing around a track in a flashy car? Fulfill your need for speed and put your driving skills to the test. Enjoy some friendly competition as you race your friends and other UrbanAir adventurers or just try to beat your personal best time. Either way, you’ll be buckling up for an amazing ride. Our tracks feature twists and turns that will challenge your reflexes and keep you on your toes. Take control of the wheel and enjoy the ride in 3…2…1…Go-Kart!

Indoor Go-Kart tracks are perfect for kid’s birthday parties and large groups because everyone can get in on the action. Our race tracks can accommodate many adventurers at one time so everyone can get in on the action. Just make sure to let the birthday boy or girl have a head start! After all, it is their party and they’ll drive if they want to.

Go-Karts are just one of the fun adventures you’ll have at UrbanAir – the ultimate indoor theme park! The tracks are different at each park so if you love the thrill of the race, be sure to find all the parks near you and try them out.

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