Immersive Reality Arena

Surrounded by 360 degrees of a virtual gamified arena, experience games like never before.


Experience a virtual sensation unlike anything you’ve seen before! Step into the virtual world known as the Immersive Reality Arena! Surrounded by 360 degrees of a virtual gamified arena, play each game in the fully interactive space! Exclusive to purchases with Gear Up! Game Up!, the Immersive Reality Arena is the first-of-its-kind and FIRST IN THE WORLD! Scan your Snap! Action Band and team up or battle individually and earn points! Don’t forget to scan your band at the ActionCam radar prior to entering to receive epic videos while you #ActivateAwesome inside the Immersive Reality Arena! So Gear Up! Game On! at Urban Air


Currently Available to Play in the Immersive Reality Arena:

Immersive Reality Arena 2

Aliens from an unknown planet, located in the darkest pocket of the galaxy, are invading Earth! Gear up and join the Urban Air Anti-Alien SPACEFORCE set to defend the world from the Urban Air intergalactic space station!

Immersive Reality Arena

Team Orange Urban Alley VS Team Purple Urban Alley face-off in a battle of epic MADsplatter! Disrupt your opponents’ SPLATTER attempts by hurling your SPLATTERBALL for a direct hit on all who oppose you!

Immersive Reality Arena 3

Cosmic Breakaway – Travel through alternate dimensions and advance levels by destroying layers of cosmic glass. Hurry to make your way back home before time is up. Succeed and be among the exclusive multi-dimension travelers only at Urban Air!

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