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Laser Tag

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Set your phasers on fun as you gear up for the most intense laser tag game around.

Our Laser Tag course combines obstacles and hiding spots with dark lighting and a little smoke to make hitting your target a challenge.

Choose your team, grab your laser light gun and get ready for battle. Your team will work to elude the other team to get to your target. The team that outshoots and outmaneuvers the other wins, but everyone is guaranteed an adrenaline-filled, awesome time. Get ready to sneak through the dark, smoky course, searching out opponents on patrol, and move your team to victory. For those good at finding a hiding spot, you might even find a secluded sniper position to wait for your unexpecting enemy.

Laser tag is great for groups young and not-so-young making this a must-do during birthday parties and team building events. Or join in with a group and meet new friends. No matter how you play, this attraction is locked and loaded for a great time.

Ready to fly?

Are you a laser tag master? We'll see!