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Laser Tag

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Set Your Phasers to Fun as You Gear Up for an Exciting Round of Laser Tag

Urban Air laser tag courses combine obstacles and hiding spots with dark lighting and a little smoke to make hitting your target a real challenge.

Choose your team, grab your laser light gun, and prepare for battle in one of our laser tag arenas. Strategize with your team to elude your opponents and be the first to get to the target. 

The team that outshoots and outmaneuvers the other wins, but everyone is guaranteed an adrenaline-filled, awesome time. 

You can even join a group and meet new friends to make laser tag games a regular occurrence. 

Laser tag is great for groups young and not-so-young, making this a must-experience birthday party or team-building event. 

Plan the Ultimate Laser Tag Birthday Party

laser tag arena

If you’re looking for an amazing way to celebrate your big day, a laser tag birthday party at Urban Air Adventure Park is one you’ll never forget.

Gather your family and friends and get ready to sneak through our dark, smoky laser tag arena, seeking out opponents on patrol, and move your team to victory. 

For those good at finding hiding spots, you may even be able to secure a secluded sniper position to wait for your unsuspecting enemy.

And once the laser tag battle is done, you can enjoy some delicious food at Urban Air Cafe. Pair a hot and tasty slice of pizza with an ice-cold ICEE as you refuel for your next game. 

Birthday parties have never been better!

One Game Is Never Enough

Once you enter an Urban Air laser tag arena, you’ll want to do it again and again.

Our laser tag experience doesn’t require you to bring anything along, just a strategy, fast feet, and all your friends. We supply you with a player’s vest and laser gun, the rest is up to you. 

Because our courses are all indoors, this is one of the best ways to spend a rainy day. Come rain or shine, you’ll be playing and having fun. 

Our courses, equipment, and lasers are safe and ideal for players of all ages. 

As an added bonus, Urban Air Adventure Park locations have a number of other attractions for you to enjoy. Get ready to bounce, soar, and battle once you’ve completed your laser tag game. 

Ready for The Ultimate Laser Tag Experience?

Are you a laser tag master? We’ll see!

Pick an Urban Air location near you to find out whether they have laser tag on offer and get ready to play the day away.

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Are you a laser tag master? We'll see!