Leap of Faith

Get ready to take a big leap – a leap of faith!

Build up your courage, climb to the top of the platform, take a deep breath, and leap!

Here’s your chance to play out your greatest superhero fantasies! Imagine you are a superhero standing on the edge of a building. Evil villains are in sight, but it’ll take a great big leap to get to them. Have no fear – you’re in the perfect position to capture the villains and save the day!

Strap into your harness for ultimate safety in this exciting test of bravery. Climb to the top of the platform and prepare your best superhero impersonation before your giant big leap and grab onto the hanging cylinder or monkey bars.

This thrilling jump isn’t just for the kids! Teens and adults can test their wits too. Turn it into a competition with your friends! Can you grab hold of the apparatus? How long can you hang on?

Ready to fly?

Don't worry if you fall at first. You can try again!