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Are you the next Tiger or Arnie of the putt-putt world?

Grab your putter and tee up for a big-time on the tiny course.

It’s tee time! Gather your fearless adventuring party, and putt your way past the hungry panther, slithering python, and all the delightful dangers in this neon jungle. With our state-of-the-art, custom black light Mini-Golf course, everyone is sure to have a unique “hole in one” experience!

Watch your golf ball glow brightly under the black light as you putt-putt your way to victory through this crazy fun neon jungle. Play against your friends and rack up the scores. Who will ace with a hole-in-one and who will wake away with a triple bogey?

Our kid-friendly putt-putt course is perfect for a birthday party or just a fun day out to putter around with family and friends. Maneuver your golf ball around obstacles, roughs, and traps. And watch out – that panther looks hungry!

Ready to fly?

Miniature golf is fun for the whole family!