ProZone Performance Trampolines

Calling all of our local acrobats, stuntmen, and daredevils – it’s your time to shine!

Practice your coolest flips and tricks to impress your friends on a safe indoor trampoline that enhances your experience and never holds you back.

You’re never limited to the ground with ProZone Performance Trampolines. Our wall-mounted trampolines bring a whole new dimension to your gravity-defying fun. Fly through the air, practice your flips, and literally bounce off the walls with your friends!

For our slightly older or experienced adventurers, the ProZone is the perfect place to show off your skills. Take a leap of faith, then bounce right back up. Drop onto the trampoline from an elevated platform and see how high you can bounce back up the wall. Then, gently kick off the wall at the apex of your jump for an incredible moment of weightlessness. With such an awesome space, what new tricks will you come up with?

Ready to fly?

Jump with care and be aware of others around you.