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The APEX Trampolines

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Trampolines extend to the walls for a jumping, flipping, and flying good time.

Who says trampolines need to be attached to the ground? Certainly not us. Our APEX trampolines take your jumping, flipping, and flying to another level. With trampolines that extend to the walls, you can practice all your favorite tricks at every angle. Tired of being told you’re “bouncing off the walls” at home? We’ve got walls you can actually bounce off of.

Calling all gymnasts, dancers, parkour athletes, cheerleaders, and anyone who wants to try something new in a fun environment, our trampoline park is calling. Our APEX Trampolines offer a springy place to work on your moves and perfect your technique. Get the extra bounce and height you need for that cool trick, beautiful leap and perfect landing all while improving your balance. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect the first time, that’s what practice if for.

But wait, you don’t have to be an athlete or have fancy tricks to enjoy our APEX Trampolines. All you need is a little bounce. Jump high, jump low and jump on the walls. We dare you not to break out into laughter after you bounce off the walls. This is not your backyard trampoline or your standard trampoline park and there’s room to take your jumping to new heights.

Be sure to be aware and courteous of other jumpers to ensure that everyone can enjoy the APEX Trampolines. Ready to get jumping? Purchase your tickets now.

Ready to fly?

Make sure to jump within your skill level and watch out for others.