Runway (Tumble Track)

Calling all gymnasts, dancers, cheerleaders, and aspiring ninjas: it’s tumble time! Jump, twist, and flip your way down The Runway!

Great for the adventurers who want to put in a little extra practice before their next competition, or for the youngest of our visitors to try out tumbling before committing to a team. Practice everything in your exciting routine, from simple tumbling to back handsprings in this safe, indoor space.

With safety nets and a soft wall, this attraction lets all our tumblers test their limits in a safe environment before they try the real deal on a tumbling mat. Practicing on a long trampoline gives our more timid tumblers that extra little bounce to help them really learn how the moves are supposed to feel. You can practice new moves and help your body learn the motions all with a safe landing. Jump, fall, and spring back up to try again. So, when you finally do go for the gold, you’ll look like a pro. Yeah, it’s as cool as it sounds.

Ready to fly?

Put some spring in your step on the Runway!