Test your upper body strength as you swing to the other side.

Do you have what it takes to be a trapeze artist? Test your upper body strength and hang on tight as you navigate this fun challenge. Will you swing from bar to bar with ease or will you take your time to build up the strength and courage to cross to the other side? There are no lions or rings of fire below this trapeze so don’t worry if you can’t hang on. There’s an airbag below to catch you if you fall.

Not only fun, our trapeze is a surprisingly good core and arm workout as well. Build your confidence, defy gravity, and perform acrobatic feats on this attraction. Gather your friends and see who can hang on the longest or get across the fastest.

When you’re done with this attraction, those arms are going to need a break. Head over to our café and treat yourself to a yummy snack for a job well done.

Ready to fly?

Don't worry if you fall. Keep trying and you'll make it across.