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Tubes Playground

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Playground or obstacle course? You decide. Race a friend or take your time to explore the Tubes Playground.

Climb up platforms, crawl through tunnels, and zip down the slide to victory. Exclusively for racers and explorers under 52 inches who want to take on the challenge of this towering maze of fun.

Pull yourself up the soft ladder, find the observation bubble to look out over your friends and family, and make it a competition by racing with a friend. Who can make it to the end zone first? Who can run the whole course in the fastest time? Or just let your little ones explore while their imaginations run wild. Solo exploring in the playground can help develop fine motor skills, independence, and a free spirit.

Leave your shoes at the tube terminal and be sure to check out the rules of the tubes so all of our little adventurers can explore in safety.

Ready to fly?

Tubes Playground explorers must be under 52".