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Ready. Set. Dodgeball! Plus trampolines? Yes, please.

Dodgeball – the game that everyone can enjoy got a bouncy makeover courtesy of Urban Air. That’s right, we’ve added our signature trampolines to the dodgeball arena to make this a fun, bouncy activity. Bring your team or gather some new friends to start a game.

You’ll love this exciting twist on an old PE favorite. We’ll warn you though, you may not be able to go back to playing plain old non-trampoline dodgeball. Let the dodgeballs soar and get ready to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and JUMP! Remember, if you get hit, you’re out.

If you need a refresher on dodgeball rules, check in with an Urban Air staff member. They’ll make sure everyone understands the rules and help you get started. Remember, play safe, play fair and get out there and have a blast. Ready? Dodgeball!

Get your team together and plan a dodgeball match soon. Save time and book your tickets online.

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