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Battle Beam

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Balance and friendly competition combined with a foam pit to catch your fall.

Do you think you have good balance? Good enough to knock your friend into the foam pit before you fall? Put your balance to the test, grab a foam bar and go to battle. We will warn you, most of the time you’ll both end up in the foam pit.

Once you get the hang of Battle Beam, you’ll want to challenge all your friends and your entire family. Will you be the Battle Beam champion, or will you spend most of your time in the foam pit? (Although, taking a fall into the foam pit isn’t really so bad either.)

Whether you seek the adrenaline of competition or you just want to have a good laugh at how hilarious you and your friends look trying to balance with giant foam bars in your hand, Battle Beam is a great activity to enjoy with friends, family or “frenemies.”

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Ready to fly?

Put your balance to the test.