Warrior Course

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Jump, bounce, and hold on tight! Do you have what it takes to complete the Warrior Course?

You’ve watched those warrior ninjas from your living room. Now’s your chance to try an obstacle course for yourself. It’s your turn to blitz through all the obstacles you love watching on TV and test your speed, strength, and agility. Uneven platforms, tilted walls, hanging rings…and a ball pit to cushion all your falls.

Perhaps one of the most exhilarating team-building events, Warrior Course lets you face off against your friends and family in the ultimate action-packed obstacle course. Or race against yourself in this test of your balance, strength, and speed. Who will have the fastest time? Who will get the farthest? And who will be the first to fall into the ball pit? Give it your best as you battle to be the last Warrior standing. Maybe we’ll see you on Mt. Midoriyama.

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The Obstacle Course That Even Real Ninja Warriors Swear By

The Urban Air Warrior Obstacle Course is designed for kids and adults of all ages. There has even been a real ninja warrior or two who has spent time navigating these exciting obstacles. You can watch a TV interview here.

Think of this like a practice ninja course. It doesn’t matter what your fitness or skill level is, or if you have dreams of becoming a ninja warrior or simply want to have some fun, Urban Air is the place to be.

So, what can you expect when taking on this challenging course?

Test your resilience and upper body strength by grabbing onto hanging rings as you get from one side to the other – kind of like the monkey bars at your local park, just a little more challenging.

Next, make your way across a series of climbing nets to test your confidence from a height before bouncing to the other side of this ninja course on springboards. Speed is what you need!

As an aspiring ninja warrior, you will also need to learn to take a leap of faith by jumping onto a swinging bag. Don’t worry, it’s covered with netting to give you a little added grip.

One of your final obstacles will be to balance on swinging bars – kind of like upside-down monkey bars. Remember to gain some momentum to get yourself from one bar to the next until you reach the other side of the course.

The Best Way for Kids (and Adults) of All Ages to Build Confidence

Whether you’re looking for a fun way to spend the day with family outside of the house and your backyard or you want to arrange a fun team-building event, our Warrior Course obstacles are a fun challenge that you won’t soon forget.

As you play, you also test and build your skills, leaving you with a newfound confidence that you can take out into the world. Who knows, you may even walk away with some new friends.

And, not to worry, safety is a top priority at our facility, so rest assured that kids and the rest of your family will be engaging in safe play across all obstacles every step of the way.

Not sure how to tackle one of the obstacles? The Urban Air team will be right there waiting if you need a little guidance in order to master your next challenge.

Engage Your Inner Ninja Warrior

Why watch your favorite ninja warrior on your TV when you can become one yourself?

Put your skills to the test with your family at Urban Air and discover just how much your body and mind are capable of!

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Ready to fly?

Warriors must be 41" tall to take on the course.