Benefits of Trampoline Fitness Classes as Part of a Corporate Wellness Program

Have you vowed to stick to your fitness goal and do everything in your power to shed pounds and maintain a healthy lifestyle? If you’re looking to banish excuses and make a firm commitment to yourself, why not start by involving the place you spend one of the most significant portions of your life…work!

On average, over the course of their lives, American’s will spend almost 100,000 hours or 10 years at work.

Whether you own your own company or merely want to bring your fitness goal to the office, we’ve got some great reasons to consider engaging in an employee wellness program!

Let’s start by recapping the Harvard Business Review’s definition of workplace wellness, “an organized, employer-sponsored program that is designed to support employees (and, sometimes, their families) as they adopt and sustain behaviors that reduce health risks, improve quality of life, enhance personal effectiveness, and benefit the organization’s bottom line.”

Now, perhaps you’re familiar with Corporate Wellness Programs in which companies implement some sort of motivational tool along with their health initiatives. This could take the form of financial incentives or a reduction in their individual health insurance contributions as they complete certain weight loss goals, smoking cessation, or as they lower cholesterol or blood pressure levels.

It might also involve voluntary participation in Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) which survey the employee about their lifestyle. These are usually coupled with certain biometric tests to determine a base to see when key health indicators including blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, and body mass index change.

Yet no matter the specifics of the program, the benefits for both employee and employer are hugely significant. In one Johnson & Johnson study, executives estimate wellness programs cumulatively saved $250 million in health care costs during the first decade since its implementation. Across a variety of studies, the same research group found that for every dollar invested in employee wellness companies are generally looking at a return of somewhere between $2-6 in healthcare savings.

For employees whose productivity is markedly weakened by everyday stressors such as depression, diabetes, raising a family, coping with divorce, working through grief, battling serious illness, caring for aging parents, or dealing with chronic neck and back pain, adding wellness efforts such as a group exercise program can turn things around in a big way.

How Group Trampoline Fitness Classes Kick Off Corporate Wellness Goals

  • You can make exercising a team-building experience since it’s perfect for large groups.
  • It’s easy to get everyone involved by creating fun competition among your team from pitting employees against senior management in a friendly wager.
  • Trampoline fitness courses are a low-cost way to get in shape while burning up to 1000 calories per hour.
  • Offers your staff the convenience of fitting in a workout before or after work and on weekends.
  • Keeps everyone engaged with a wide range of fresh, engaging exercises that offer a fun, full-body workout.
  • Classes are group and partner-oriented so not only is it interactive, it’s easy to hold one another accountable and stay on track!
  • No need to worry about a babysitter, kids can jump too, meaning the whole family can get in on the action.

In the end, healthy employees cost companies less. However, perhaps the real win is a corporate wellness’ ability to strengthen company culture and forge relationships with staff of all areas. From upper management to the new guy or gal in accounting, when a company invests in their employees, especially by focusing on something as critical and personal as health, bonds are fostered and everyone thrives.

Class availability varies by park. Find your local park to get started. Until then, jump around and be well!

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