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Get a Great Deal on Kids’ Birthday Party Venues

When it comes to throwing a great kid’s party, one of the most important steps is choosing the right venue. Whether your child likes action and adventure, hanging out with friends, exploring new places, or eating and drinking pizza in a party space, our indoor adventure park has plenty to offer.

Birthday Party Venues

Urban Air offers the perfect birthday party venue, whether you’re 7 and under, a tween, or even a teenager. There’s fun for everyone, and you can even customize your event to include a theme and pick the attractions you would like included for the group. Lastly, you can choose party details that will help you complete what you would like included in your party room for the birthday party. And, with all that complete, all you’ll have to focus on is having fun!

To find an Urban Air birthday party venue near you, check out our locations page. You’ll find everything you need to get started finding a location and birthday party venue near you. Let the fun begin!

Birthday Party Deals at Urban Air

Why an Urban Air Birthday Party?

An Urban Air birthday party is unlike any other. Packed with adventure and fun for the entire time, our parties just can’t be beaten. Not only are our parties incredibly fun, but they’re easy to plan, allow you the freedom to choose a package that works for you, and have everything all in one place – right where you need it.

Plus, we’ll help you get ideas on how to create the perfect celebration for your child’s private event, making it an easy choice for any parent looking for a birthday party venue for kids.

Planning a Kids Birthday Party

Planning a Kid’s Birthday Party

The planning that goes into a kid’s birthday party is usually one of the toughest parts of creating an event with memories that will last a lifetime. After all, you want everything to go according to plan, and for everyone to enjoy themselves. Thankfully, you’re not alone when planning a kid’s birthday party when you choose Urban Air.

Your Urban Air team will take care of many of the details and get everything situated for you before the big day. Depending on the location near you, you’ll be able to work with someone directly to plan the party.

We even have a birthday hotline you can call in case you need to start now! What better way to celebrate than with a well-planned child’s birthday that goes according to plan?

Birthday Party Packages

There is no one size fits all approach when planning a kid’s birthday party. Age, theme, location, and the number of guests are just a few things that will change the price, amount of food, and more.

At Urban Air, our birthday party packages are customized to your needs so you can get the most out of your party. Whether you have two people or ten, we’ll work with you to create the package that suits your specifics. And, most importantly, we’ll be sure to include all the fun you can get!

Kids Birthday Party Attractions at Urban Air

Birthday Party Attractions

Kids of any age need to be able to stay entertained from start to finish. And, what better way to do that than to plan a kid’s party at one of the coolest venues in town? With tons of attractions to choose from, there’s no way that anyone will get bored.

Plus, there’s a little something for everyone, including more adventurous attractions that will take you to new heights, and some moderate options that will ensure everyone is included in all the fun. Here are a few sneak peeks at what might be offered at an Urban Air adventure park near you.

Sky Rider Indoor Zipline

Check out this indoor zipline for your kid’s birthday party and get the whole family involved for a birthday you won’t forget. This indoor zipline is full of fun because of the height factor, and it’s also safe. Zip around indoors at your next party to see what the fun is all about.


Get ready for some friendly competition and games when you host a birthday at Urban Air and play dodgeball. Trampolines combine with this classic game to help you create the space you want for the birthday of a lifetime.

Dip, dodge, and dive to avoid becoming “out,” and win the game for your team by being the last one standing. We just know you and your guests are going to love this celebration.

The DropZone

A giant inflatable airbag makes practicing your most epic leaps and jumps possible in this fun-for-everyone indoor adventure park attraction. Kids and parents alike will love this memorable attraction for years to come!

To find out more about birthday party attractions, check out your local Urban Air indoor adventure park.

Birthday Party Food and Drinks

Birthday Party Food and Drinks

Not only does your birthday celebration of fun include plenty of attractions and things to do, but we also offer food, pizza, and drinks to help you create the party package you want. That’s why Urban Air is one of the best birthday party venues to choose from.

Celebrating has never been easier when you have our team of experts on your side!

Birthday Party Extras

Creating the birthday party that works for you and your child often involves some additional tweaks to make the day extra special. That’s why we allow you to bring your own decorations, your favorite baked goods, and party favors that complete the event. No matter your theme or celebration, the children are bound to enjoy it!

Looking to start planning a kids birthday party at Urban Air? Get started today by viewing our overview on kids birthday parties here. Or, check out an Urban Air location near you to find your closest indoor adventure park and start planning your party today. Hours and party packages do depend on the location, so please ensure you are viewing the location where you’d like to book.

And don’t worry, we can bet that you will be happy you chose Urban Air for your kids birthday party venue.

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