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LEGO ® Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Does your child love to play with LEGO ® bricks – building, creating, imagining? LEGO®  bricks are a staple in most playrooms, kids’ rooms, and toy cabinets so if your little builder loves their LEGO®  bricks, a LEGO ®-themed birthday party could be just the way to make their birthday extra special. If you’re wondering how you can plan a fun, interactive, and educational birthday party for your LEGO®-lover, you’ve come to the right place.

Introducing the Snapology LEGO®-Themed Party

You may have heard that Urban Air is part of the Unleashed Brands family and that family includes premier STEM/STEAM learning organization Snapology. Select Urban Air Adventure parks now have Snapology classrooms on site and that means your kids can enjoy the fun of Urban Air and the interactive learning of Snapology – all under one roof. It also means, we’ve got a new birthday party option. You guessed it…it’s all about LEGO® bricks!

Snapology LEGO-Themed Party

What’s included in a Snapology/Urban Air LEGO birthday party? Pretty much everything your LEGO ® -loving child could ask for:

  • Building activity of your choice using LEGO ® bricks, K’Nex, and technology
  • Playtime to explore Urban Air’s attractions
  • Time to eat, relax and celebrate!

LEGO®-Themed Party Options

LEGO® Themed Brick City

Your birthday boy or girl and all their friends get to plan and build their own miniature city. This party is perfect for future architects, mayors, and anyone who likes to build.

Minecraft® Themed Birthday

Combine LEGO® bricks and the popular blocky video game Minecraft ® and what do you get? One. Happy. Kid. This party theme is perfect if you’re torn between a LEGO ® themed party and a video game-themed birthday party. Your birthday child can have both!

Ninjas and Warriors

Using LEGO ® bricks and Ninjago characters, your birthday kid and all their friends will use their imagination to build a ninja story. When they’re done building ninjas, they can play ninja on our Warrior Course.

Roblox® Video Games

Inspired by the online game platform and game creation system kids will have fun learning to program games and play games created by other users. This party theme is another great combination of a LEGO® themed party and a video game-themed birthday party.

Superheroes Theme

Another popular party theme for kids’ birthday parties revolves around superheroes. With our LEGO ® themed superhero activity, you can give your birthday child the best of all their favorite things. They’ll never know they’re working on their storytelling skills while they’re having fun with friends. Then, let ’em fly in the park so they can feel like superheroes too!

Lego Birthday Girl

LEGO® themed Party Decorations

When you host your child’s birthday in a Snapology Classroom at Urban Air, you don’t need to bring anything. The activity for your child’s party serves as decor too. The room will be filled with lots of cool LEGO ® bricks and accessories. You are welcome to bring some additional decorations for your party if you’d like to enhance your theme. You could bring additional balloons, a custom cake, cookies, or cupcakes, or themed paper goods like hats, tablecloths, and napkins. Just remember, everything you need is included in your party package so don’t feel the need to bring a lot of party decorations.

LEGO ® Themed Party Favors

LEGO ® Themed Party Favors

If you want to send party-goers home with some fun favors there are many ideas that tie in perfectly with your Snapology LEGO®-themed birthday party. In fact, LEGO ® birthday party favors are easy to find at your local stores. Here are a few ideas for small and affordable LEGO ® favors:

  • Small LEGO® Sets
  • Custom LEGO® Cookies
  • Building Block Straws (also useful for slurping an ICEE at the park)
  • LEGO®-themed pencils
  • Building Block Glasses

Gift Ideas for a LEGO® -Themed Party

If the birthday girl or boy loves LEGO® bricks then gifts ideas are easy. You can never have too many LEGO® sets. As a parent of the birthday child, you might want to send out a list of LEGO sets that your child is interested in and doesn’t have. Encourage parents to let you know what they’re bringing to avoid duplicates.

LEGO® sets aren’t the only thing the birthday kid will love though. Other building activities, as well as toys that match up with the chosen party theme, are great places to start. If you want to give the gift of an experience, consider an Urban Air or Snapology gift card so the birthday boy or girl can come back to enjoy these fun activities at another time.

Gift Ideas for a LEGO® -Themed Party

Capture the Memories for Everyone

When you host a birthday party with Urban Air and Snapology, it will go by fast. With so many activities and tons of excitement, you’ll want to have a plan to capture the memories for everyone.

Photo Booth

Setting up a corner of your party room as a photo booth can be a great way to capture all your child’s friends and their LEGO® creations. Make sure to collect email addresses from parents in advance so you can share photos at a later date and not have to worry about sending them during the party. You can also bring some fun props – hats, masks, and signs to make your photo area more engaging.

Ask for Help from Other Parents

Your child’s birthday party is all about them, but it’s kind of about you too. You’ll want to be in the moment and enjoy your child’s party so make sure you’re not the only one taking photos and ask other family members or parents to take a shift taking photos. You can set up a shared folder or make a plan to have photos emailed to you in advance so you can collect them all and distribute them after the party.

Create a LEGO® Themed Invitation.

If you’re going to host a LEGO ® Themed party with us, then why not create a LEGO ® -themed invitation? You can use any photo that depicts your child’s love of these timeless toys. Some ideas include:

  • A picture of them with their favorite set
  • A picture of them playing with their favorite character
  • A picture from one of their favorite movies
  • Or a screenshot from one of their favorite games
  • Snapology offers custom invites

LEGO ® Themed birthday parties are fun and interactive making them perfect for your child. Parties hosted at Urban Air are easy to plan, affordable and kids just love them. If you’re looking for the perfect LEGO ® Themed birthday party, you won’t be disappointed by the unbeatable combination of Snapology and Urban Air.

Ready to book an awesome LEGO®-themed party? Our party specialists are ready to help you get started. Book online or call our birthday party hotline at 1-800-960-4778 to learn more about our select locations that offer Snapology LEGO®-themed parties.

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