Dreamed Of Being The Next American Ninja Warrior®? Urban Air Trampoline Park Brings Fans The Urban Warrior Course™ Based Around The Hit TV Show

Ever watch the show American Ninja Warrior® and think, “I can do that?” Well now’s your chance to prove it! Urban Air, the Nations Premiere Indoor Trampoline and Adventure Park Operator, has given fans the ability to train on life-sized obstacles, and compete on a full ninja warrior style course at their Southlake, Texas location.


The 2,000 square foot indoor obstacle course (Urban Warrior Course™) at Urban Air Trampoline Park in Southlake, Texas attracts a mixed bag of enthusiasts, from fitness freaks to amateurs to people of all ages just looking for a fun new entertainment option.

The course includes three unique lanes with varying elements such as swinging cargo nets, unstable bridge, zip line and more. Each course has a timer and the option to compete in a race against the clock or an untimed fun-run.

“We designed the course so everybody, ages 6 and above, can participate. The Urban Warrior Obstacle Course is a great example of how we are continually innovating by bringing new adventure attractions to our locations.”
Michael Browning, CEO of Urban Air Trampoline Park.

With a Warrior Wristband you get to train on any lane until you think you are ready to conquer the Urban Warrior Leader-board. When you are ready to challenge the top time you simply purchase a $2.00 Timecard at the Front Desk and take it to the Warrior Course Staff Member to start your race.

The course can be adjusted when new obstacles are added or rearranged. This is essential for Urban Air’s Warrior Fitness Classes, which include varying obstacle course work with flexibility exercises and use of Urban Air’s award-winning wall-to-wall trampolines.

Fitness experts say obstacle course gyms offer a fun, goal-oriented workout that cultivates endurance, strength and agility. Warrior Fitness Classes are offered at the Urban Air Southlake location on Wednesday’s from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Sign up and register for Urban Air Trampoline Park fitness classes here.

What Are Some Of The Warrior Obstacle Course Elements?

The 2,000 square foot Urban Warrior Course™ features three full lanes, each with multiple levels of uniquely built elements to jump, swing and climb on, allowing participants to progress from beginner to advanced. Some of our obstacle elements include:

Participants traverse over a series of horizontal logs. The logs can be linked together to limit range of motion.
The Sea of Rings is just what it sounds like: a series of rings to traverse the gap to the stuffed hanging bags. You’ll have to navigate your way through the madness as you figure out the best route to conquer this obstacle.

The Zip Line will bring out your inner-Tarzan as you swing over to finish the course. Participants must hang onto a rope, and use their momentum to cross over to the other side.

Our Cliff’s Edge Fly Bar will challenge your grip and your determination. Hang on tight and whatever you do, don’t stop moving.

The Hanging Bags will have you swinging and turning every which way as you shift your way to the landing platform.

The Unstable Bridge will have you traverse unstable platforms and use them as overhead grips to cross the course. Hold on tight, or you might find yourself on the crash pad before you know it.

Right when you think you’ve mastered the obstacles, you’ll find yourself staring at a horizontal Cargo Net separating you from the Finish.

Learn more about the obstacle elements on the Urban Warrior Course, here.

Who Can/Should Participate?

Urban Air Trampoline Park Southlake, Texas is open 7 days a week and is conveniently located for residents all across Dallas-Fort-Worth.

The Urban Warrior Obstacle Course has been restricted to those ages 6 and older. So don’t try sneaking your toddlers onto the course. There are plenty of other fun activity options for them in Urban Air’s trampoline attraction areas.

Adults and Children of all ages can enjoy Urban Air’s indoor trampoline attractions including a wall-to-wall trampoline arena, foam pit, trampoline dodgeball, trampoline runway (tumble track), slam-dunk basketball and a designated jump area for children ages 7 and younger.

People with existing health problems, injuries or that are pregnant should not attempt the Urban Warrior Obstacle Course.

How Much Does It Cost?

When visiting Urban Air Trampoline Park in Southlake, you have several pricing options that can be found here.

Warrior Course Only Pricing includes access to the Warrior Course only and does not include sales tax. Adults and kids ages 6 and older can enjoy full Warrior Course access by purchasing tickets for 1-hour ($15) or 2-hours ($23) and only $8 each additional hour.

A $2.00 Time Card can be purchased at the Front Desk for those who want to participate in a timed-run and compete for a place on the Urban Warrior Leader-board. Winners will receive the official Warrior Champion t-shirt along with the bragging rights for getting the top time.

For more information on the new Urban Warrior Obstacle Course, click here.

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