Meet Urbie! Meet Urbie

If Urbie had an IG bio, it’d read, “I play all day. I eat pizza all day. And I make new friends all day, every day.”

Urbie came to Urban Air from his hometown of Gottafly, USA, where he’s pretty famous for being a serious believer in FUN FOR ALL. Urbie is a fearless, boundary pushing, adrenaline-loving adventurer, who invites every kid to unleash their wild side.

The best part about Urbie? He represents every. single. kid. everywhere. When every kid looks at Urbie, they should be able to see their awesome, bold, adventurous self!

A few things that make Urbie the coolest…ever.


    Urbie invented the foam in the foam pit using a secret recipe that makes it impossible to get out of. (Trust us – we’ve tried.)


    To unwind, he does 100 laps on the Go Karts. (Don’t try to watch…again…trust us. We’ve tried.)

    Right before he enters the Warrior Course, he has a very specific battle cry: Pizza, pizza, icee, nobody is like me. I jump, I swing, I fly real high – I won’t stop ’til I touch the sky! (Ok, this one you can try.)

    The U in Urbie Stands for Y-O-U

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    Urbie rocks for so. many. reasons. He brings out our adventurous side and empowers us to be our boldest most fearless self. But the main reason Urbie rocks is because he represents YOU. Regardless of race, gender, or abilities, Urbie is every boy and every girl— every kid that walks into Urban Air, ready to unleash their wild side. Urbie encourages kids to be themselves 24/7. So, we want you to show us what Urbie looks like to you.

    Download the template, color Urbie in, and upload to social using the hashtag #MyUrbie

    Check out some AWESOME #MyUrbie examples!

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