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Holland, MI

We opened Urban Air Adventure Park in Holland, MI because….

As parents of 3 children, we know how challenging it can be to have family time away from electronics and the busy world today.  Greg and I set out to bring a park to Holland to impact the lives of every kid by helping them CELEBRATE special moments, ESCAPE the hardships of their everyday lives, and CONNECT through active play and socialization.

If you ask a mom or dad what they want for their child, most say “happy and healthy”.  Urban Air encourages unstructured play where children release energy through fun exercise while building confidence with every new trick or effort.  Urban Air is attractive to the young and the seasoned with the virtual reality and the bumper cars.  Come have fun as a family and LET’EM FLY.



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Owner Operators

Introducing our Owner-Operators, Greg and Julie Erne. They are a dynamic couple, complimenting each others strengths. They truly have compassion for the guest experience and even more their employees. Their vision is to expand, to open up other Urban Air locations and to build a legacy of excellence and unparalleled passion to make an intentional impact in the communities of Michigan.

We Love Holland, MI

Giving Back To Our Community

At Urban Air Holland, there’s nothing more important that our customers and our community. We are all about empowering kids to try new things, explore through adventurous place, and learn how to work with others to achieve new heights.

When it comes to our community, we want to make sure we put as much back into our community as we get out of it. That’s why we make time to give back and encourage our staff to support our community in any way that they can. It’s our goal to make Holland an even more amazing place than it already is!

Crystal Clause

General Manager

Let me tell you about our amazing General Manager.  Her name is Crystal Claus. Yes, you got that right, just like Santa Claus.  She is one special lady.  Not only does she handle all things URBAN AIR but she does it with a smile and contagious energy.

Crystal started her career in respiratory care. She achieved 2 bachelor’s degrees, owned her own preschool and has been the leader or our Urban Air Park for 1 ½ years.  Her love of children, education and training were made for this position.  We are so grateful for you Crystal!  If you see her when you come to Urban Air say Hello to Mrs. Claus!

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