Nashville (NE), TN

We opened Urban Air Adventure Park in Nashville (NE), TN because we wanted to bring fun and joy to families in the area and share our love of Urban Air!

Hi there!  We're Grant and Stephanie, the owners of this location!  We opened our first Urban Air in 2016 in Houston, TX.  After seeing the joy we could bring to families through active play and celebrations, we decided to open another location here in NE Nashville 2 years later in late 2018.  Customer service and great big smiles are what we strive to deliver!

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We Love Nashville (NE), TN

Giving Back To Our Community

At Urban Air Nashville (NE), TN, there’s nothing more important that our customers and our community. We are all about empowering kids to try new things, explore through adventurous place, and learn how to work with others to achieve new heights.

When it comes to our community, we want to make sure we put as much back into our community as we get out of it. That’s why we make time to give back and encourage our staff to support our community in any way that they can. It’s our goal to make Portland an even more amazing place than it already is!

Special Events Coordinator

Here to make your special event Awesome!

Cell (346) 298-3315 Voice and SMS
Office Hours: M-F 9a-5p Central Standard Time
I am your dedicated contact person for booking the following types of events at Urban Air
  • Spirit Night Fundraisers
  • Team Parties
  • Adult Team-Building Events
  • Corporate Groups and Company Picnics
  • Church and Youth Group Events
  • School Parties and Field Trips
  • Private Park Rentals
  • Community Outreach and Donations
  • Family Reunions
  • Any group with 15+ participants
  • Holiday Parties

Park Team Member

Don’t miss out on the fun! Join our team at Urban Air Nashville!

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