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Park Story at Waco, TX

We opened Urban Air Adventure Park in Waco in January of 2016.

We Love Waco!!

Giving Back To Our Community

At Urban Air Waco, there’s nothing more important than our customers and our community. We are all about empowering kids to try new things, explore through adventurous place, and learn how to work with others to achieve new heights.

When it comes to our community, we want to make sure we put as much back into our community as we get out of it. That’s why we make time to give back and encourage our staff to support our community in any way that they can. It’s our goal to make Waco an even more amazing place than it already is!

Hi! I'm Amber...

I'm the General Manager of Urban Air Waco

Amber Gerik, the general manager, has worked with us at Urban Air Waco since the park first opened in January 2016. She has provided a very positive VIBE and a safe environment for families to enjoy. Park cleanliness and the safety of our guests are Amber's number 1 priority. As we get new guests, she provides the utmost care to make sure they know they are always welcome. Amber has devoted herself to the well-being of not only the staff but the customers. If you have ever talked to Amber, you would know she is going to be honest with you and tell you how it is. If you know Amber, you will know that she is someone you can trust and put your faith in.

Park Team Member

Hi! I'm Hailey...

I'm the Assistant General Manager/ Hire process coordinator at Urban Air Waco

Hailey Gibson, Assistant General Manager and Party Coordinator  has worked with us at Urban Air Waco since 2019. She oversees the hiring process and ensures that we have only the utmost best employees and outstanding staff members. Here at Urban Air Waco, we pride ourselves on having the best staff. Hailey has committed herself to this position and proven herself for this spot. Thanks to Hailey, Urban Air Waco has a staff that is like one big family. She ensures that everyone works together and fits into what this store needs. If you have ever spoken with Hailey, you will have probably laughed and enjoyed the conversation. Reach out to Hailey for all you event or birthday needs!!

Park Team Member

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