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Active Staycations – Ideas for the Whole Family

A staycation is a vacation where, rather than going out of town, you stay in your local area. Whether you choose to take a few day trips, schedule some much-needed R&R, or plan to visit some sites and attractions in your city that you’ve never been to, a staycation can be fun for the whole family. Plus, because you’re not traveling abroad or out of town, there is much less planning and preparation involved. That might be music to your ears!

When it comes to planning an active staycation, there are tons of ideas of things you can do to have fun. Get active and get outside or stay in and visit a few places you’ve been eyeing and have fun with everything that’s at your fingertips. Create a budget that works with what you have available for your vacation, and you might be surprised at just how much fun you have in your local town. We’re sharing active staycation ideas for the whole family that will have you just as excited to spend your time around town as you would jet-setting for a new place!

Why Indoor Staycations are the Best

There are tons of reasons to choose an indoor staycation in your own town over a typical vacation. Not only are indoor staycations the best because they’re easy to plan, but they’re also great if you’re on a budget, can be planned spontaneously, can quickly and easily be changed and adjusted, and also give you the opportunity to try all the things you haven’t been able to do in your own city.

Be Spontaneous on Your Staycation

Think about it, the planning process of a full seven-day trip often takes months, especially if you are planning for a family. The logistics of flights and delays, hotels, transportation, and attractions you are going to see all play a role in how the trip gets planned. With a staycation, you already have an idea of where things are, as well as transportation, and a place to sleep. You won’t have to worry about coordinating these areas of your staycation since they’re already at your fingertips!

Not only does planning get exponentially easier, but so does budgeting. Without the cost of hotels and transportation, you’re already saving quite a bit of money just by staying near your own home. It can still be a fun way of vacationing, especially if your budget is tight. Plus, you have more control over the activities you do on a daily basis since there are other opportunities to see local sights.

When it comes to being spontaneous, an indoor staycation is the perfect time for it. Have some extra time in between other activities? There’s plenty of time to hit a local ice cream shop or visit somewhere you’ve never been before. Woke up and decided you’re ready for an activity-filled day? An indoor staycation will work perfectly for you, and what you decide to do can be changed by the minute!

Lastly, an indoor staycation is the best because you’ll get to do all of the things you have been wanting to do for so long in your own city! Maybe you drive by an Urban Air Adventure Park on your way home from work every day, but haven’t made it a priority to visit.

A staycation is the perfect time to go inside, spend some time, and have fun. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Urban Air as Your Staycation Destination

Urban Air is a top staycation destination because it offers a wide range of activities to choose from for all ages. Kids, teens, and adults alike can benefit from the fun at Urban Air. Also, because Urban Air offers so much fun and so many options, you can spend the entire day here.

This staycation, you won’t have to spend time worrying about what’s next – Urban Air is the destination for the day that will get everyone on their feet and moving. It’s great for staying active, and releasing stress, and providing incredible fun in a way you may have never imagined.

Get Active on Your Staycation

Benefits of Getting Active on Your Staycation

There are many advantages of getting out and active on your local staycation. While getting the rest you need is equally important when you have time off, so is having fun!

Some of the benefits of getting active on your staycation include the ability to let loose, get out of the house on a dark and dreary day, and spend time creating memories! You and your family will never forget the fun you’ll have when you decide to get active this staycation.

Urban Air Staycations for Family with Kids

There’s no doubt about it – Urban Air Staycations are great for families with kids. That’s primarily because there is something to do for everyone. Depending on the age of your child, you’ll find activities that can provide entertainment all day!

For example, the DropZone is perfect for mastering new skills since you can jump and land on a giant inflatable airbag! This activity is great for older kids and teens who like acrobatics or who just want to try and see what they can do.

Dodgeball gets the whole family involved, and allows you to jump, dive, and dodge away from your opponents who are trying to hit you out with a ball. Talk about competitive family fun! Not only is this activity ideal for kids, but for adults too.

The Adventure Hub combines a few indoor attractions that are ideal for older children who like adventure. Adults are welcome at the Adventure Hub, too, and offer just as much fun.

ProZone Performance Trampolines offer a safe indoor trampoline on both the floor and the wall. Plus, there’s an elevated platform if you want to get some extra air and try doing a different stunt. For families, this is a great place for everyone to try their coolest tricks and for everyone to have fun.

Whether you have a small family or a large family, a family full of young toddlers or teens, Urban Air offers something for everyone. That’s why Urban Air is the top destination for any staycation and provides the perfect opportunity for everyone to be involved.

Teens Love Vacation Time at Urban Air

While you might think of Urban Air as a place for kids, it’s also loved by teens. With so many activities, Urban Air offers something for everyone. You don’t have to be young to have fun at one of our many adventure parks across the country.

Teens can have fun at Urban Air with their friends and family, jumping from place to place and trying all the activities, especially if they have never been before. And, because Urban Air offers Urban Café with food and drink options, you can trust that they’ll be taken care of all in one place.

This staycation, get your teen out and about and away from their device to try a new activity. A day at Urban Air could help them discover a new interest in acrobatics, gymnastics, or something else, plus it’s tons of fun!

Not only is Urban Air a fun place for teens during a staycation, but it’s also safe. As an indoor adventure park, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that fun is just around the corner at Urban Air with your teenagers.

Adult Staycation Ideas

Who says that Urban Air is just for kids and teens? It’s for adults too! As an adult, having a staycation is incredibly fun. It’s also a great way to save money, spend time with family and friends, and act like a kid again! That’s where Urban Air comes in.

Urban Air offers activities that are fun for adults and kids alike. Whether you have kids and want to bring them in, or you’re interested in finding a fun date night staycation idea, this is one that you won’t forget.

Leave all of your worries at home and plan a visit to Urban Air. Act like a kid again, jump from platform to platform, go rock climbing if it’s available, and finish with a pizza lunch from one of our Urban Cafés. We promise you will not regret a day trip to an Urban Air Adventure Park near you. This might just become your new favorite adult staycation idea!

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