Taking Trampoline Park to a Whole New Level

Your local Urban Air Adventure Park is much more than a trampoline park. We’ve got trampolines for sure, lots of them in fact – and we’ve got some of the coolest trampolines around. But, when it comes to indoor fun for all ages, we’ve taken the indoor trampoline park concept to a whole new level with a huge variety of indoor adventures and attractions for kids of all ages.

Each of our Urban Air Adventure Parks is unique so if you’re lucky enough to be close to more than one, be sure to try them all. You may even want to plan your next family vacation near one of our parks. Major brownie points go to adventure lovers who can visit them all. We will warn you that we’re adding new parks all over the U.S. so this may be a difficult challenge to complete.

What types of adventures will you encounter at your Urban Air Adventure Park? Trampolines of course, but here’s more of what’s in store for your indoor adventure:

Indoor Climbing Adventures

From challenging climbing walls for experienced climbers to mini-mountains for little adventurers, our indoor climbing attractions offer challenging fun and a great workout. Rock climbing indoors is a great way to explore the activity with the safety of a harness. With different climbing routes, you can continue to challenge yourself each time you visit. Climbing isn’t just about the walls for us. You’ll also find ropes courses and towering playgrounds for everyone that loves to reach new heights. With our climbing attractions, you can take a break from jumping without being grounded.

Climbing Walls Make Urban Air More Than a Trampoline Park

Interactive Games

Many of our attractions give you the opportunity to compete with your friends and family. From Laser Tag to our virtual games and our famous Battle Beam, if you’ve got a bit of a competitive side, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy at your local Urban Air Adventure Park. You may even want to join a game of Dodgeball or challenge your friend to a slam dunk contest in our Slam Dunk Zone.

Laser Tag Makes Urban Air More Than a Trampoline Park

Our attractions vary by park. Find your local park to explore the attractions that encourage friendly competition and help you use your brain and your body to rise to the challenge.

Wild Amusement Rides

If you love traditional amusement park rides, you’ll love our amusement park-inspired attractions. We’ve got bumper cars that spin and twirl, indoor Go-Karts and even arcades. It’s like a day at the fair without having to worry about the weather. We’ve taken a new twist on some of the classics, and the fun never gets old. Take a ride, get behind the wheel and find loads of amusement at your local Urban Air. To learn more about the specific rides near you, find your local park.

Go-Karts Make Urban Air More Than a Trampoline Park

High Flying Adventures

If you’ve always dreamed of flying, you’ll love our high-flying adventure park attractions. Our Sky Rider lets you check out all the adventure park attractions from above and you fly from the ceiling.

Sky Rider Makes Urban Air More Than a Trampoline Park

While safely strapped in, you get to experience a birds-eye view of the park below. But that’s not the only way to fly at Urban Air Adventure Parks. We’ve got indoor sky-diving, ropes courses, a leap of faith, and oh yeh…

The BEST Trampolines

We said we are much more than a trampoline park, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still love our trampolines. And we’ve got all kinds of them. In fact, Urban Air is one of the best jumping places around because we have all types of trampolines. And we’ve got trampolines perfect for all age groups. Whether you’ve got little jumpers or teens who like to show off their tricks, Urban Air is the place to be.

Urban Air Has the Best Trampolines

We’ve got your traditional trampoline with lots of room to jump high. We’ve got trampolines that extend to the walls for jumping at all angles. We’ve got trampoline runways for tumbling and tricks. And we’ve even got trampolines with airbag landing pads. Wow, that’s a lot of trampolines.

More Fun Activities and Adventures

Are you ready to hop in the car and head to your nearest Urban Air yet? Don’t worry we won’t be offended if you stop reading now. But, there is still more for us to share. We’ve got Mini-Golf and Bowling, a since we know you’ll be hungry after all that fun, we’ve even got a Café. Be sure to make time for a special treat like pizza or ICEEs. Or hey, go all out and have BOTH! Plan a day and visit your local Urban Air and we promise, you’ll see that why we call ourselves and Adventure Park.

Upgrade from Trampoline Park to Adventure Park

When you’re planning a fun day for the family, don’t settle for a basic trampoline park. Upgrade to an Adventure Park and take your day of fun to a whole new level. Once you’ve experienced our indoor adventure park, you’ll see that trampolines are only the beginning.

Get started by finding your nearest Urban Air Adventure Park and planning your visit.

Ready to fly?